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About Us

Ordered Steps- A Movement Ministry has been created to establish various opportunities within our community for a move of God.  The creative arts will be used to reach out through classes and workshops that teach the love of Jesus.  Events that allow freedom in worship and praise.  One-on-one mentoring and prayer time that can bring healing and restoration.  Community is not just about a group of people, but a group that is sharing, growing, and building together.  Being in relationship with one another and drawing closer to God.

Ordered Steps will offer "out-of-the-box" opportunities through the creative arts to open hearts and minds to experience a move of God in people's lives.  We will "move" to meet people where they are so that all can encounter God in a way that "moves" them.

There is more in the Movement.  

Our Mission

Our Mission

To create opportunities for our community to experience a move of God through various classes and workshops, planned events, and one-on-one mentoring.

Arts & Crafts
All Hands In

Our Vision

To reach and serve our diverse community through the creative arts.


Getting to Know Us

Welcome!  I would like to take a moment to thank you for visiting with us.  Following a 25 year career with Champs Sports and almost 5 years with the Boys and Girls Club, Ordered Steps- A Movement Ministry was created to better serve the people within the community.  After over 35 years in management,  I truly enjoy the compassionate side of teaching and sharing and encouraging those that God puts in my path.  With this ministry, there is freedom to create and express the love of Jesus with all of those we come in contact with.  

We Welcome Your Support Today!

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